Tim Winton: Founder/Managing Director

Born James Timothy Winton. Through a 20-year career working at the intersection of commerce and sustainability in for-profit, not-for-profit and social enterprises, Tim has performed a range of roles, including: environmental services contractor, organic farmer, sustainability educator, designer, project manager, consultant, executive leadership, and corporate governance.  These roles led Tim to insights in the development of PatternDynamics–a set of principles for managing organisational complexity and creating systems level change.

Tim Winton

Key projects include the founding and 10-year development of an innovative sustainability education centre, the entrepreneurial start-up, development and sale of one of Australia’s largest reforestation contracting businesses, and currently the development of PatternDynamics as a planetary social enterprise.

Tim’s main focus is the research, design, and implementation of practical methods for resolving  complexity and creating systems that thrive. He created PatternDynamics as an Integral Sustainability Pattern Language. Its main purpose is to help people learn the principles of complexity and to apply them as a form of purpose-driven, collaborative systems thinking. He believes learning these skills is key for creating a more ethical ‘Planetary Civilisation’, where personal, economic, social, and environmental outcomes can all be enhanced through the same set of strategies.

Areas of expertise include business, organisational, and sustainability strategy; leadership development; organisational effectiveness; sustainability education; systems thinking training and complexity capability building.

Tim is an independent Integral scholar-practitioner who has published articles in the Journal of Integral Theory and Practice, as part of the proceedings of Integral Academic Conferences and Practitioner Seminars, and as a contributor to the edited volume, Integral Theory in Action: Applied, Theoretical, and Critical Perspectives on the AQAL Model (in press). He is a thought leader in Integral Sustainability and speaks and writes regularly on sustainability, complexity, change making, leadership, and collaborative systems thinking. Tim holds a BA in English Literature, a Diploma of Permaculture Design, and a Certificate 4 in Workplace Training and Assessment. He is a certified Lectical Consultant, and a graduate of the MetaIntegral Embodied Practitioner Certificate Program. Tim holds the rank of Nidan in Aikido Yuishinkai, enjoys training in a mixture of martial arts, lives a second childhood as a Scout Leader, and, above all else, loves being the father of two beautiful girls. He posts on change leadership, integral sustainability, systems thinking and organisational complexity at his blog  Academic papers and case studies are available at

Kamya O’Keeffe: Producer/Director

Kamya has over 20 years management experience in the not-for-profit and commercial creative industry sectors. She is the director of Cultivate, an Arts and Cultural management consultancy in New South Wales, Australia. Her work focuses on strategic development– integrating innovation, ethics and sustainability in Social Enterprise.

Kamya graduated at both University of New York and School of Visual Arts in Manhattan. Her career as an Executive Producer began in advertising on Madison Avenue followed by five international agencies, and numerous awards including a Cannes Palme D’or.

Following a three year spiritual journey and practice in India, she returned to the creative sector with a changed purpose–to utilise her commercial experience in not-for-profit development.

As Head of Programming for the Arts at Dartington in the UK, Kamya developed partnerships and projects that highlighted interdisciplinary collaboration as a core value of this national centre of excellence in music and education.  In a key collaboration with Schumacher College, she contributed to pioneering an international program in Art & Ecology and expanded her work with sustainability education organisations. Kamya is a voluntary board member for several arts and education charities.

She is a director and the producer for PatternDynamics. Kamya is committed to the power of language and the capacity of natural patterns to shape the way we see, understand and change our world.

Sean Esbjörn-Hargens: Development

Sean is a leading Integral scholar-practitioner and the first person to hold a PhD in Integral Theory. He is a founding member of Integral Institute and the founder of MetaIntegral–a social entrepreneur ecosystem comprised on three oranisations: MetaIntegral Associates, MetaIntegral Academy and MetaIntegral Foundation.

Sean has created two master’s degrees in Integral Theory, one at John F. Kennedy University and one at Fielding Graduate University in Organizational Management and Development.  He is currently the most published author applying the Integral model to a variety of topics: education, sustainable development, ecology, research, intersubjectivity, science and religion, consciousness studies, and play. His articles have appeared in academic journals such as the Journal of Consciousness Studies, World Futures, ReVision, and Journal of Humanistic Psychology. Sean co-authored a 800-page book with environmental philosopher Michael Zimmerman: Integral Ecology: Uniting Multiple Perspectives on the Natural World.

Sean is founder and executive editor of the academic peer-reviewed Journal of Intgreral Theory and Practice, founder of the Integral Research Center, founder of the Integral Ecology Center, and he co-founded the biennial Integral Theory Conference.

Sean has over twenty years of leadership experience always serving in multiple major roles simultaneously. His passion as a leader comes from his love of being alive, his commitment of looking directly at reality without blinking, and his desire to increase people’s experience of intimacy with Being.

Erkki Vedder: Web Development

Erkki has 10 years of experience as a project manager in non-governmental and public sectors. He has worked on number of issues ranging from local development, environmental sustainability, cross-border cooperation, implementation of next generation biometrical documents, developing IT systems for internal security agencies and others. In 2011 he took a pause from his professional career and lived two years on his backpack, travelling in Asia and Oceania. He joined PatternDynamics as part of his goal to contribute to the meaningful change in the world.

He has a BA in contemporary history and a half-completed masters degree in Business IT. His mind has been expanded by integral theory and he strives to take it from intellectual framework to embodied living. He loves hiking, practices Aikido, studies and practices coaching and reads books way too difficult for him. But most of all he likes cooking – if someone else does it, that is!


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